Virus and Malware Removal

Computer infected? No problem! Call us and our virus removal experts will get right on it.

Virus Removal Service

Virus Removal Service

Destroying data and making your PC slow down or stop working altogether be it a virus or malware, We’ll service your machine whilst keeping any data you have present. While no antivirus can be 100% effective against 100% of the infections around today having a quality antivirus is important. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to still get your PC infected bring it to us or we can arrange collection. We’ll investigate the problem using our suite of industrial strength software removing any trace of malware and virii. Your computer will be faster and your experience will be vastly improved.

Even minor infections can lower your computer security, allowing major infections to enter your system easily.

In most cases we can repair and return your computer to you within 24 hours, without reinstalling, keeping your settings and files intact so you can get right back to work.

The COMPLETE computer virus removal service!

Viruses and malware can enter your pc in various ways, most commonly these days it’s when you download a malicious program or application.

Trojan horse programs will have an additional virus attached, so you install the program and get a ‘free’ virus, typically these rogue apps will claim to speed up your internet, your email, or they’ll give you warnings that you must fix issues.

Spyware will load into your system and spy on what you do, most typically these will be keyloggers which will record your keystrokes on the keyboard and send them to a remote location. Often used to steal passwords and login details, or even just history of internet usage.

Worms will enter your PC along with other payloads, and spread from one computer to another through the internet or your local network devices. This is a common way for attackers to take control of your computer remotely via what is known as a botnet. A botnet will make your computer part of a ‘command and control’ network, often used to send out spam email. If infected, your computer will send out spam email, or email containing a virus or malware.

Some viruses will lock you out of your computer completely, stop you using the internet or accessing your files. These will usually ask for money to unlock your computer, or for software that will ‘fix’ what they have introduced. They won’t unlock your PC, nor will they fix the problems. So don’t pay them! Examples of these are on our pages at

Signs of infection:

Change of homepage

Often malware will change your homepage or ‘first’ page when you open your browser.

Pop ups

These can be in browser, or on your desktop or taskbar – Usually for poor quality products or services. We are currently seeing many viruses and malware that open up multiple browser windows advertising fake software.

Error Messages

These can vary, and while many are legitimate – malware will often spam it’s own messages to the user. It may say that you have registry errors, harddrive failure, viruses and malware. If you don’t recognise the program telling you of these problems, chances are it’s a virus itself!

New programs or ‘security’ apps popping up

There are MANY fake antivirus programs that themselves infect your computer, then pop up a message stating you have ‘x’ number of viruses/problems/corrupt files. Their claims are very likely false, and are there to frighten you into purchasing their (usually) useless software.

Can’t login to your user account

There many reasons why this could happen, not always a virus but they are likely to be a contributory factor.

Computer locked before you get to login

Some virii will pop up messages, often alleging that you yourself are doing ‘illegal’ things on your computer. Accompanied by a ‘payment’ method so you can ‘unlock’ the machine. We’ve seen a lot of these in recent years.

Programs that will not uninstall

Many poorly written computer programs and viruses will install software that you cannot, or will fail to be removed by normal user maintenance. We can of course remove these programs leading to faster startup and a quicker, more responsive user experience.

Whatever the issue…

Don’t worry we’ll fix the problem and get your computer back in working order fast and safe. Call in for a check up or give us a call with your specific symptoms.

Unlike many competitors, we don’t go for the ‘temporary’ or ‘reinstall’ fix, where the problem resurfaces, or you lose all your personal data. We do virus removal professionally and we’ll fix it right first time.

We’ll also offer you security that really works on your system free of charge as part of the service.

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