We offer a full range of home and business computer services.

We offer a full range of home computer repairs, upgrades, setup and advice in-store or in your home.

computer upgradeComputers are like cars, When they’re working they’re great, but when they’re not they’re a pain! Quite often people forget that a regular service or PC MOT will keep them running smooth, fast, and prevent a minor issue becoming a big problem!!

We’ll help you every step of the way, from buying to set up, getting your internet working, email account, setup of your browser, google as well as setting up your printer. Our customer service truly is second to none.

We can replace or repair tablets, PC’s and Apple Mac. Whether it be a virus, adware, malware, or you simply need some help setting up your new system, we’re here to help. Thinking of getting a new tablet or PC? Many other retailers will sell you something slow – purely based on the huge profit margin they make. We’ll advise you for free so you can avoid the many pitfalls.

Our number one priority is a happy, satisfied customer. But don’t just take our word for it, see our reviews on where we have vastly more more happy customers that any of the supposed ‘computer technicians’ in the area.

Upgrading to Windows 10? We’ll put the most up to date version on your computer, and ensure it’s running correctly.

Had it somewhere else and they’ve installed the driverupdate / slimware utilities virus? You might notice that your real antivirus has now been disabled or replaced with fake scare warnings and popups (It might even pretend it’s now a FULL version’ – but it will never find a virus!). We can remove it and fix all the annoying problems and damage, and we do it right! Programming, building, upgrading and repairing computers since 1982!

Computer health check

Give your computer the full exhaustive MOT of both hardware and software in our fully equipped workshop. We’ll do it for only £15 because we know you’ll be impressed and use us time and time again. Let us point out what others have missed with repairs, PC MOT or health check. Keeping your computer running smoothly and keeping your data safe.

Laptop and PC Repairs from only £15

Our knowledge isn’t limited only to Windows. We have extensive experience with Mac, Chromebook and Linux operating systems and hardware.

Virus or Malware Removal

The modern internet is a minefield, viruses, trojans and spyware/malware are common, leading to loss of identity, fraud and loss of data. Worse variants will render your system inoperable. We have vast experience in removal and repair after these incidents, whilst keeping your documents, pictures and programs intact.

Internet and Email Problems

There are many issues that can cause your internet to run slow, disconnect, or fail to connect. Or perhaps you simply want your email setup or repaired on your device. Call us to discuss your specific issues.

Windows Problems

From system crashes, bluescreen errors, to updates failing or Windows not starting, much of the time the problem is software related and can be fixed, keeping your data intact.

Data Recovery

Should you find your computer is not working or your files are missing, in over 90% of cases we can retrieve your data, documents and photographs, even from an apparently dead computer or external drive.

Password Reset

Forgotten your password for windows? We’re here to assist in recovering or resetting. Usually complete within the hour.

USB memory stick broken?

Don’t give up just because somewhere else couldn’t get your photographs recovered, don’t ‘throw it in the bin’ (as a local shop advised a customer to do!) – Bring it to us where in the vast majority of cases we will recover your data.

Windows Installation

Whether it be installation of the existing operating system, or a new version to be installed. We’ll install Windows *and* the drivers for your hardware. We frequently see computers with drivers missing, wrong drivers, and even malicious software instead of drivers! We’ll install the correct OS and drivers for your system meaning you get the best out of your computer as soon as you collect it.

Ipad, Android and Windows Tablet repair

Hardware or software issues on your tablet repaired, contact us for advice or an estimate of repair costs. Email issues, WiFi problems, Virus or malware. All fixed with a smile 🙂

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screens repaired or replaced in all makes and models. Subject to stock we can often fix your laptop screen the same day!

Laptop power socket repair

Power socket damaged or laptop not charging? Call in for a quote: prices from only £45

Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard not working? We can repair or replace your laptop keyboard. We can also replace laptop keys.

Memory Upgrade

Especially when buying from high street stores, computers have lower than needed memory specification, this will quickly become apparent as your computer will run very slowly, getting slower over time. We can quickly and easily install extra memory to your system.

Hard-drive Upgrade

Running out of space on your laptop or desktop? We can fit a new drive, retaining all of your files, pictures and programs exactly as they are. What this means to you is you’ll have everything as it was before – but with a faster system and more storage capacity!

Misc Hardware Installation

We can supply and fit any hardware you require, Additional hard drives, CD, DVD or BD(Blueray) drives, graphics cards, power supplies, give us a call for advice and an estimate.

Computer MOT / Speedup

Much like a vehicle, your computer requires maintenance. Although common software applications can take care of much of your needs, a check up now and again is highly recommended. We’ll repair any issues we come across, install easy to use maintenance software and advise you on the overall health of your system. Your computer will run smoother, faster, and the life of your system will be increased. If your computer is running slow, we’ll make it run like new again… or even faster!

Internet Problems

Does your internet slowdown, disconnect, or perhaps you can’t connect at all? Be it mobile 3g, 4g, fibre, adsl or even via satellite we can troubleshoot and repair all internet issues.

Internet Setup and Installation

Should you wish to order internet for your home or business, call into the store and we can get this organised quickly and efficiently – Typical time from fibre order to installation is only one week.

Wifi connection problems?

We’ve been using wifi since 1999 – at that time there were less than 5 wireless stations in the North East – one of them was ours! We’re experts at extending the range in your house or business, or even real long range setups of a mile or more! Call us for advice on your home or business needs.

Windows, Chrome, Macintosh OSX, Unix or Linux

Whatever the system you use, we’ve worked with it. Whatever your issue or problem we can help.

Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, OSX Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, Sierra, Debian, Ubuntu, Chrome etc – ALL operating systems repaired and optimized.

Toolbar Removal

So many applications either try to install their own toolbar, or a third party (dubious) toolbar. Although some of these can be useful, in general they are a hindrance, slowing down your system or at worst redirecting you to malicious websites.

A full computer service will of course include removal of such junkware, and this is the route we would suggest as often these toolbars have already installed additional junk on your computer. Should you find yourself having difficulty removing the likes of the ask toolbar, delta toolbar etc and wish us to uninstall only specific items, we can of course sort out the problem for you.

Should your query not be mentioned anywhere on site, give us a call or call into the shop.

All of our IT and computer services are carried out by experienced professionals you can trust with over 35 years of legitimate information technology experience.

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