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Thanks to the lovely eu dictators we have to click a box to say we want to allow cookies – just an extra bit of waste from angela merkel!

Sick of the pointless self destruction at the hands of the eu dictators? Join the rest of the people who care about Europe and say NO to the evil dictators therein.

Believe it or not the eu think that Microsoft shouldn’t even include an internet browser with their products.. Something about competition.. Anyone who is even slightly tech savvy is FREE to install whichever product THEY want, and having a browser to start with is essential. Personally I’m not keen on the likes of internet explorer, but I welcome the fact that it comes WITH windows. This is just a taste of the obvious stupidity of having dictators instead of a free society.

They also say that we HAVE to have this ‘Allow Cookies’ box – most of us don’t care, and the ones that want to block them can easily stop cookies in the browser settings. To be honest cookies store very little information and are only there to *enhance* your experience online. Ask the EU why they don’t block scammers, spammers or go after the sites dishing out viruses? Easy enough to track, I’ve traced hackers for clients on many an occasion, but.. I guess the criminals are protected these days in our ‘civilised‘ EU dictatorship!

So here we go…………. yawn………..

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