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Serving customers throughout the North East, Northumberland and North Tyneside, including: Alnwick, Ashington, Bedlington, Blyth, Cramlington, Morpeth, Newbiggin by the Sea, Ponteland, Rothbury, Seaton Delaval, Seaton Sluice, Stakeford, Tynemouth and Whitley Bay. Contact us regardless of location, We’re here to help.

Northumberland IT Computer Repair Shop

Northumberland IT Computer shop and repair centre

With over 35 years experience of computer repair and IT in general we at Northumberland IT are genuine experts who will get the real fault fixed. Not just a ‘band-aid repair‘ as offered by many others with supposed experience! Computer repair IS our business, it’s something we specialise in and pride ourselves on our consistent results. Unlike many others we won’t lose your data and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your computer system.

Having our Bedlington workshop means we can work on several computers at a time, meaning we can give better value and a far more professional service than any ‘band-aid fix’ from a mobile ‘technician’. While one computer is running our automated scans and diagnostics, we can be looking deeper at others. We always recommend that work is completed in the workshop as it allows us to run far more intense diagnostics which take several hours to complete, meaning we can give you a set price. Yes we could come out and run some quick checks for a temporary repair, but we’d rather give our clients a professional service. Better value and outstanding work every time.

We don’t just fix your computer, we’ll make it really work – often even faster than when new!

In store prices from only £15

Computer Service and Repairs

  • Computer speedup & Computer cleanup. Just like a car MOT, a regular PC service is important. Using the most thorough diagnostic tools, we’ll inspect all hardware, software and cleanup your operating system. You’ll be surprised how fast your computer can be, often faster than when it was new! If computer is running slow give us a call and experience the difference for yourself. With over 35 years of hands on experience, you’re in good hands.

Computer not working

  • Computer won’t turn on, even if there are no lights or sound on the laptop or desktop PC, bring it to us for a repair quote.
  • Boot loop – You switch on your computer and it decides to restart in a continuous loop.
  • Blue screen – if you’re here, you’ve probably seen this. The reasons are many – but it can be fixed, often the same day.
  • Computer starts, but shows a blank screen or just a mouse pointer.
  • System shuts down, locks up or freezes whilst in use. Typically this can be a sign of PC overheating. Not something you should ignore as further damage can quickly occur.
  • Computer making a lot of noise, whirring, beeping or clicking. Not something you should ignore as this is a sign of internal components struggling and that repairs are needed.
  • Laptop or PC shows an error message soon after switching on or errors on the windows login screen where you would usually enter your password.

Windows Errors and faults

  • Windows not opening webpages or displaying errors. Including errors about certificates on secure websites like your email or banking. Typically this can be a sign of malicious software or a virus on your computer.

Laptop Repairs

  • Laptop screen broken – Laptop screens are fragile and easily broken. Sometimes the actual crack is not visible, but you can tell from the image that there is a problem. Subject to stock we can often repair laptop screens the same day.
  • Laptop keyboard not working – We can replace the keyboard or individual keys can be attached.
  • Laptop not charging – This could be the charger or the laptop socket itself. We can replace the charger or diagnose and replace the power connector or charging circuitry.

Malware and Virus Removal

  • Computer virus – We are experts in the field of virus removal and malware removal. Unlike other places, we’ll remove the virus *without* removing your data. A virus doesn’t mean you have to lose your photographs and documents. If the files are intact when we get your computer they’ll be there afterwards too.

New Computer Setup

  • New computer setup. Setting up a new computer can be a daunting task, we will ensure that all of your hardware is connected and working, printer set up, internet is working and your email is set up ready to use. We can also recommend free antivirus products that will improve security. Don’t forget that many of the larger retailers simply employ salesmen, who from our experience know very little about computers or IT!
  • Data transfer service. We can transfer your data and settings from your old PC to your new PC or laptop.
  • Internet Setup
  • Printer Setup
  • Installation of antivirus and security software, Software updates installed and ready to go.
  • Office suite installation including options for cheaper open source options.

Windows 8 being a pain?

  • Make windows 8 usable! The vast majority of users are not impressed with windows 8. We can get you a start menu, and do away with the general annoyances that windows 8 brings – Making your computer more user friendly.

PC Upgrade Services

  • Memory upgrade. As programs get larger, more complicated, or you’re running a lot of them, a memory upgrade is an inexpensive option you should definitely consider.
  • Hard drive upgrade. Running out of space for programs and files? We can fit a new harddrive and retain all of your programs and settings. Up to 3TB (3000GB) are available at time of writing.
  • SSD upgrade. Solid State Drives are faster but because of their design there are pros and cons. Should you consider this option, give us a call for current prices as the hardware cost changes often.

Advice and Help

  • Free advice on everything IT. Call into the store and see for yourself why thousands of people choose Northumberland IT!

Feel free to contact us or call into our store for impartial expert advice:

Northumberland: 01670 898333

Newcastle: 0191 4329858

Mobile: 07746527779

FAX: 01670 898332


Contact: Steve Aynsley

Address: 19 Park Avenue, Grange Park, Bedlington, Northumberland, NE22 7EJ

Call outs are available within a 15 mile radius of our offices, call for details.

Note: The shop was previously known as AB Computer Services. In 2014 Steve took over the shop completely and in doing so changed the name to his business as well as the new telephone number. It’s still the same Steve in the shop – but now extended opening hours and even better, faster repairs and service!


We accept cash and most methods of card payments.

Free estimates on most equipment.

Fees are payable once work is complete though at our discretion we may ask for a deposit in advance.

Uncollected equipment may be disposed of after 30 days unless otherwise advised.

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Northumberland IT Computer Services
19 Park Avenue
Grange Park
NE22 7EJ
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