Long Range Wifi

Long Range Outdoor WiFi

Long range outdoor WiFi will enable you to link your network between sites or offices. Suitable to provide internet services including Voice over IP telephony networks. Subject to survey, depending on location and whether line of sight can be obtained the range will vary but links of over 5 miles have already been tested and shorter links we have installed are already in production use for both internet and VoIP telephony.


Long range Wifi – Mast rarely required!

Our solutions are both practical and inexpensive, if you have a large site we can link everything together on one network.

Point to point and point to multi-point are all become a reality with our tried and tested solution. Equipment operates from -30C – +50C making it more than hardy enough for our great British climate!

We’re constantly testing new equipment as it becomes available to us, meaning that expectations can be at least what we have detailed here. A site survey will be needed as well as a discussion on your own requirements.

The cost savings rather than have multiple internet connections are obvious. Instead of having an internet connection from an ISP at each of your sites, you can use one! Indeed if you’re using VoIP already you could even do away with most telephone lines and associated line rental also!

The practicality of having one network, or multiple sub-networks means that services are available wherever you need them.

Even with latency critical applications like VoIP, everything simply works seamless.

Where there is an open environment, i.e fields in between then a connection of over 10 miles is definitely feasible. Line of sight is important in these situations.

Typical applications include:

  • Email
  • Web Browsing
  • Voice over IP
  • Network Filesharing
  • Extending local intranet
  • Remote backups
  • Remote monitoring of isolated stations
  • Camera footage
  • Audio monitoring
  • Data from network connected devices

Call us for further information and to arrange a site survey.

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